Name:           Adrian Evans

Occupation:  Forklift Driver/ Self Employed Handyman/Computer Engineer.

Status:           Available for Forklift work, Building & General Maintenance projects,
                                        Small Website projects and/or Computer Repairs.

                        Warehouse/Yard/Manufacturing/Production line forklift driver,
                   Bendi/Flexi (Pivot steer), VNA Man-up, Reach, Counter balance B1 (5 ton) & B2 (15 Ton)  (all current 2015+).
                   Building & General property maintenance,  Handyman Health & Safety rep, I.T. Software and Hardware engineer,

     7+ Years in warehouse operations, transportation, logistics and general forklift work.

     8 Years in the building trade involved in building new properties, Extensions, Loft conversions etc.
    Competent with Carpentry, Bricklaying, Paving, Plumbing, Drainage, Roofing etc.

     15 Years in I.T. building & repairing computers, Installing operating systems and applications, building,
     operating and maintaining websites including managing stock control, picking, packing and despatch.


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