Name:           Adrian Evans

Occupation:   Self Employed Handyman/Forklift Driver/Computer Engineer.

Status:           Available for

A hard working and reliable individual with a “hands on and practical can do” attitude. Adrian has a wealth of experience from positions held over the last 30+ years including 8 years in the building trade, 15 year in computers & information technology and 7+ years in freight & warehousing. These varied positions have encompassed several hobbies including DIY and computing which continue to hold a strong interest. Health & safety and consideration for others are prime characteristics applied to all work and interactions. Forward planning with attention to detail is a key feature of any work undertaken. Whether it’s repairing a flat roof or creating a new email account, no work begins until it has been carefully planned and prepared and no work is complete until everything has been tidied up.

Carpentry, Bricklaying, Roofing, Paving, Plumbing, Drainage, Wiring, Painting etc. 8 Years working on various sites involved in building new properties, renovations, extensions & loft conversions.

15 Years in I.T. building & repairing computers, Installing operating systems and applications, building,
operating and maintaining websites including managing stock control, picking, packing and despatch.

7+ Years in warehouse operations, transportation, logistics and security.


Hobbies:   D.I.Y, Power Kites, Computers & Reading.